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Scottish Human Rights Lawyer to Investigate Police Use Of “Stop & Search.”

The Scottish justice secretary John Scott QC is to lead an inquiry into the Police use of stop and search in Scotland, which could lead to a total ban. 

The human rights lawyer who has been appointed by Scottish ministers, following a worrying report by the police inspectorate. An inquiry found a series of failures by Police Scotland after the force increased the use of common law stop and searched in comparison to every other area of the UK. 

The report found that despite promising to try and end stop-and-search in Scotland, 83 children under 11 were stopped and searched in six months last year.

No Consent Prior to Search

John Scott will lead an investigation into the report with some suspected criminals being searched without consent, with teenagers being the most likely to be searched. A study by Kath Murray of the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research at the University revealed that stop-and-search rates were four times higher than the rest of the UK due to police using powers to search without evidence. 


An investigation into the use of stop-and-search is to be carried out with many considering the practice to be outdated and ineffective. 

Michael Matheson said: “Stop and search can be a valuable tool in combating crime, but we must get the balance right between protecting the public and the rights of the individual.

“As such, it is vital that stop-and-search powers are used appropriately, and we need to make some key decisions about how such powers should be used going forward. 

“We need a clear, consistent approach which, as a society, we can all be agreed upon.”

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