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Police Campaign Targets Drink and Drug Drivers

Police Scotland carried out 3,619 breath tests during a week-long campaign to tackle drink and drug driving across the country. From these tests, 121 drivers were detected for drink or drug driving offences.

The timing of the campaign was apparently carefully planned to coincide with the time of year when road users in Scotland are statistically most at risk of being killed or seriously injured in an accident involving a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In one case, a driver in Dundee had his vehicle seized after he was found to be at least twice the legal limit and was also driving without a licence or insurance. Another driver, this time in Cambuslang, was around five times the legal limit. Six drivers were apparently detected over the limit between the hours of 6am and 10am, after drinking the previous day.

"The number of drivers detected is obviously too high - even one person detected is one too many,” commented Chief Superintendent Andy Edmonston, Head of Road Policing for Police Scotland. “It is disappointing that so many people made the wrong decision last week and were prepared to put themselves and every other road user at risk.”

"These results highlight that the effects of alcohol do not wear off immediately and drivers must consider that even if you make alternative arrangements to get home after an event, you could be over the limit the next day, depending upon the amount you have had to drink,” he added. “Drivers must be aware of this if they intend getting behind the wheel the following morning. Make sure you do not get caught out, like these some of these drivers did."

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