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Rise in Violent and Sexual Crimes Reported in Scotland

According to figures published in The Scotsman, crime in Scotland is on the rise, with more violent and sexual offences reported to the authorities than last year. The data from Police Scotland shows a 1.7% rise in the total number of crimes committed from the beginning of April 2017 to the end of March 2018 compared with the same period in 2016/17.

At Martin, Johnston & Socha, we are committed to staying up to date with all news and developments concerning criminal law in Scotland, in order to provide our clients with the most current and relevant legal advice and services. Our criminal defence solicitors have expertise in defending clients accused of sexual offences and violent crimes, such as murder, assault and firearm offences. Please contact us to find out how we can help you.

Key findings

The Scotsman revealed a number of important figures from Police Scotland, including the following:

Types of crime that have increased:

  • Violent crime – 1.1%
  • Attempted murder – 2.1%
  • Robberies – 8.4%
  • Sexual offences – 12.2% (the significant increase in sexual crimes is believed to be because of the growing confidence that people have in reporting incidents)

Types of crime that have decreased:

  • Murders – 12.7%
  • Serious assaults – 1.4%

Cyber crime on the rise

According to The Scotsman article, Police Scotland emphasised the fact that internet crime is becoming a growing risk. It recorded a 17.9% rise in the number of fraud incidents reported. Further, there is evidence suggesting an increase in “cyber-enabled” sexual offending.

What to do if you are charged with a serious crime in Scotland

Becoming involved in the criminal justice system is undoubtedly a stressful situation. If you are charged with a serious crime, there is a lot at risk, including your freedom, your livelihood and your relationships with friends and family. That is why it is so important to instruct a highly experienced criminal defence solicitor who will not only understand the emotional impact of your situation but will use their expertise to give you the best chance of securing a successful outcome.

The criminal lawyers at Martin, Johnston & Socha, with years of experience defending clients in Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Alloa and throughout Scotland charged with serious crimes, provide quick, practical and reliable advice and representation. We are here to protect your best interests and ensure your rights are upheld.

Contact our Criminal Defence Lawyers Alloa, Dunfermline and Kirkcaldy

As expert criminal defence lawyers in Scotland, we routinely advise clients charged with many different crimes and represent them in the Sheriff Court, Justice of the Peace Court and High Court when necessary. If you require specialist criminal defence advice and representation, please contact our criminal solicitors in Dunfermline on 01383 730 466, Kirkcaldy on 01592 640 680 or Alloa on 01259 725 922, or complete our online enquiry form.

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