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Threat of Criminal Gangs in Scotland Increased

A National Crime Agency (NCA) report has found that criminal groups in central Scotland are contributing to “ongoing feuds, violence and firearms”. The National Strategic Assessment of Serious Organised Crime of 2018 found that 164 known organised crime groups (OCGs), which have over 3,000 members, are currently under investigation by police in Scotland. Despite the decrease in the number of offenders in the country, according to the NCA, the threat criminals pose is getting worse.

Incidents occurring in public places

Even though there have been recent firearms seizures in the country, the report warned that OCGs still have easy access to such weapons, and there have been incidents of firearms being used in public places. In the only shooting murder in police records in 2016-17, Euan Johnston, 26, was killed in the Tradeston area of Glasgow while waiting at a set of traffic lights.

Crime groups involved in drug and human trafficking

The NCA report found that two-thirds of OCGs in Scotland are involved in drug trafficking, with cocaine, heroin and cannabis being the most in-demand substances. The main non-UK countries supplying drugs to Scotland were Spain, Holland and China, however, “significant connections” between criminal gangs in Liverpool and Scotland make Liverpool the primary source of drugs supplied to Scotland.

Financial crime, in particular, money laundering and various types of fraud, was identified as another criminal activity that OCGs in Scotland are involved in.

The importance of expert criminal defence advice and representation

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a serious crime in Scotland, such as murder, drug offences, firearm crimes and sexual offences, it is vital that you seek legal advice and representation from a highly experienced criminal defence solicitor. The criminal law in Scotland is complex, and those under suspicion for committing crimes face severe penalties.

Your lawyer will ensure your rights in custody, when being questioned and during any court proceedings are fiercely protected. They will help you build a solid defence, supported by persuasive evidence, to the charges against you, to ensure any impact on your life is reduced as far as possible.

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