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Man Claims Miscarriage of Justice After Two Staged Accidents To Murder Wives

Malcolm Webster, who murdered his first wife by staging a car accident and attempted to murder his second wife in the same way, is further appealing his life sentence claiming that he is the victim of a miscarriage of justice.

Webster was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment which began in May 2011, after a five month trial . He was convicted of murdering his then wife Claire Morris in 1994 by staging a car accident in which he drugged Ms Morris, swerved off road and  then set the car alight in which she was unconscious. 

Webster benefitted from the murder in insurance policies, claiming £200,000. It was heard that he spent the money on a yacht, a Range Rover and on entertaining women. Webster also attempted to stage a similar accident in 1999 in order to murder Felicity Drum and claim insurance money from policies which would have been worth £750,000 had his murder attempt been successful.  

Webster appealed his conviction  and 30 year sentence last year in the Edinburgh Criminal Appeal Court Edinburgh, claiming that he has suffered a miscarriage of justice.  The appeal was rejected.Now Webster is seeking to appeal his conviction and sentence to  the Scottish Criminal Cases Review Commission (SCCRC).

The SCCRC review cases where it is alleged that  there has been a miscarriage of justice  relating to a conviction, or a sentence. The SCCRC reviews cases independently and decides whether they should be referred to the High Court.  Webster has stated that Ms Morris’ death was not deliberate, and was a genuine accident as Mr Webster swerved to avoid a motorcyclist on the road.

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