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Police Look for "Cinderella" Thief

Police in County Durham  are currently searching for a man who left a fairytale calling card  on Sunday night after attempting to steal cider from a local shop.

The police appealed to the public to find the “Cinderella” thief who left his Nike Air-Max trainer at the crime scen in County Durham.

The man tried to steal a quantity cider at 9.30pm on Sunday night. from a Co-op store on Tyne Road in Stanley.

The police are unaware of the reasoning behind it but before fleeing the store he left a grey, red and black Nike Air Max trainer in the store.

The Derwentside Division of Durham Police tweeted a photo of the trainer, in the hope someone might recognise it, or have seen a man fleeing the area with only the other shoe

Officers using the @DsidePolice Twitter name, said: 

“At 21:30 on 27th a man tried to steal cider from the Co-op on Tyne Rd, Stanley leaving this trainer behind. Did you see him or know who he is? Info to PC2432 at Consett via 101 #cinderella”


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