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Over £130,000 confiscated in single day

Earlier this week, confiscation orders totalling over £130,000 were made against offenders in three separate cases in one day.

In the first case, which was heard at Edinburgh High Court, a confiscation order for £85,130 was made against Scott Thomson from Glasgow.  In October 2013 Thomson was sentenced to four years imprisonment following his conviction for a contravention of the Proceeds of Crime Act. Police had earlier recovered the sum of £85,130 in cash from his mother’s home in Glasgow and it was this money which was the subject of the order.

In a second, unrelated, case heard in the Sheriff Court in Edinburgh, Mark Ford, from Edinburgh, was made subject of a confiscation order for £39,000, having pled guilty in August 2012 to producing a controlled drug, contrary to Section 4(2)(A) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Another confiscation order was made at for £6,000 at the High Court in Edinburgh this week against Michael Noon, who had been found to be in possession of the banned drug, cocaine. Following his guilty plea to a charge of being concerned in the supply of drugs, he was sentenced to five years, seven months imprisonment. 

A Confiscation Order is an order which can be made by the court following criminal conviction, to pay a fixed sum of money from the proceeds of crime. An application for confiscation is one of the tools at the disposal of the Crown under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 and Proceeds of Crime (Scotland) Act 1995.

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